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Outside of The Rahway Public Library
The City of Rahway, New Jersey built a state-of-the-art library to replace the old library that was lost in the flooding caused by Hurricane Floyd. This is a picture of the main entrance to the library, which is located on the second floor. To prevent damage from future flooding, the entire first floor is the lobby and a parking garage.
Inside View of The Rahway Public Library
This is a view of half of the adult department looking towards the circulation desk in the background. The reference area is in the foreground and to the right. To the left is the young adults area. This picture is to give you an idea of the size of the library and the headache it would be to manage computer usage without LTSP.
View of Adult Internet Access Kiosks 1 to 6
Pictured here are Adult Department Internet Access Kiosks 1 through 6. There are a total of 32 LTSP stations throughout the library. The LTSP project was started just one week before the Library opened and was fully functional on day one.
View of Adult Internet Access Kiosks 7 to 9
Here are Adult Internet Stations 7 through 9. The machine without a chair on the right is the self-serve session management station where patrons swipe their barcoded library card, are assigned an Internet station and receive an access password.
View of Children's Internet Access Kiosks A to I
This is the children´s Department Internet Access Kiosks, which are labeled A through I. Theses machines offer the same Web browser and OpenOffice office suite as the adult terminals but also have additional filtering (using SquidGuard) and have CodeWeaver´s Crossover Plugin so that the kids can use Shockwave to play games.
Closer View of Children's Internet Access Kiosks D to F
This is a close-up of one of the Children´s Department computer tables. The hardware had already been purchase when the LTSP project was started, otherwise we would have opted for smaller thin clients that could have been hidden inside the tables.
A Rahway Child Surfs the Net on LTSP
I often get asked if people will know how to use Linux. This picture answers that question as this youngster is surfing his way through without any adult help.
Looking Down on The Reference Department
This is a view looking down upon the ten Reference Department workstations. These machines have floppy disk drives so that patrons can save their work and are filtered to only permit access to the library´s on-line reference databases.
Cafe with Wireless Internet Access
The library has a cafe, complete with gas fireplace and wireless Internet access. The access is filtered through and isolated by the same server that runs the LTSP network. We block all ports except http, https and DNS.
Wireless Access on the Outdoor Terrace Overlooking the Rahway River
The cafe also has an outdoor terrace overlooking the Rahway River. Wireless access extends outside as well.